Adobe Creative Cloud sales guide


To successfully scope out the right product and solution for your customer, it’s important to do plenty of research in the form of discovery. This is where broad and guided questions become your best friend. We recommend starting with broad questions and moving onto more guided, focused questions. When you notice an area of frustration or opportunity, slow down and ask more specific questions about it.

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Perform broad and guided discovery

Your mission at the discovery stage is to collect information about your customer's business problem and then demonstrate that you understand their needs. 

1. Identify your customer’s needs

  • Ask the right discovery questions. Start with questions about their current software environment and needs and then ask more specific questions based on their role (persona) in the company (for example, IT vs. creative manager). 
  • Listen to understand instead of listening to respond.
  • Take detailed notes.  

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2. Create an iPOV

The information you gather during discovery will help you create a short initial point of view (iPOV) presentation that confirms the customer's challenges and business objectives, so you can demonstrate that you understand their needs and you know how Creative Cloud can solve them. 

Choose the iPOV template for the targeted Creative Cloud solution from the sidebar, and complete the presentation by editing slides 1 and 3 to tailor them for your customer.