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The latest release of Creative Cloud delivers new ways to build your brand, grow your business, and make working together better than ever.

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Released October 2022

Adobe Photoshop

  • Selection improvements—Make complex selections fast.
  • Share for Review (beta)—Give and get feedback in your browser.
  • One-click delete and fill—Auto-create natural-looking fills.
  • Content credentials (beta)—Embed attribution data into images.

Adobe Illustrator

  • Share for Review (beta)—Give and get feedback in your browser.
  • Intertwine—Loop and twist objects together.
  • Copy/Paste to lnDesign—Add objects to lnDesign in a click.
  • 3D effects and materials—Create 3D vector graphics.

Adobe InDesign

  • Auto Style—Format documents instantly.
  • Cloud Docs (beta)—Share and store files online .
  • Copy/Paste to Illustrator—Add objects to Illustrator in a click.
  • Graphic format support—Use new native file types.

Adobe After Effects

  • Select Track Matte layer—Use and reuse any layer as your matte.
  • Keyframe color labels—Get organized with color coding.
  • Multi-frame rendering—Speed up previews and render when you’re idle.
  • Frame.io—Work as a team on video projects.

Adobe Photoshop on iPad

  • Content-Aware Fill—Get rid of distractions in a click.
  • Remove Background—Cut out an image and use it anywhere.
  • Select Subject—Auto-select a photo’s focal point.
  • Auto tone, color, and contrast—Perfect image quality in a single tap.

Adobe Illustrator on iPad

  • Blend objects—Combine elements into one object.
  • Vectorize—Go from raster to vector in a tap.
  • Improved touch features—Save time with new gestures.
  • Gradient snapping—Map gradients to any 45-degree angle.

Adobe Express

  • Content scheduler—Plan, schedule, and publish content in one place.
  • Font recommendations—Get curated font recommendations, fast.
  • Multiple pages—Add or duplicate any page.
  • Quick Actions—Make powerful one-click edits.

Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Frame.io—Work as a team on video projects.
  • Redesigned import mode—Simplify imports, exports, and social posts.
  • Direct social channel export—Share on social from inside Premiere Pro.
  • Auto Color—Correct colors fast with help from Al.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

  • Content-Aware Remove—Remove imperfections in a click.
  • Select people—Instantly select any part of a portrait.
  • Adaptive presets—Make customized edits in seconds.
  • Video editing—Apply presets and trim video clips.

Adobe XD

  • Object and text hyperlinks—Use hyperlinks in text, objects, and components.
  • Asset organization improvements—Create, remove, and merge asset groups.
  • New device artboards—Use artboard presets for Apple and Google devices.
  • Multiple time triggers—Play video and Lottie animations simultaneously.

Adobe Fresco

  • Liquify—Push and pull pixels fluidly.
  • Magic Wand—Select similar colors and tones in a click.
  • New brushes—Try out an always-updating library of brushes.
  • Color and brush management—Access recent brushes and colors easily.

Adobe Animate

  • Envelope deformer—Create unique poses quickly and easily.
  • Flexi bone—Control poses with bendable bones.