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Welcome to the future of creativity. With the magic of generative AI powered by Adobe Firefly and the precision of Creative Cloud apps, you can create anything you can imagine faster and better than ever.

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Updated October 2023

Adobe Photoshop

  • Generative Fill—Add or remove content with a text prompt.
  • Generative Expand—Expand a canvas and fill in realistic content.
  • Photoshop on the web—Create with familiar tools in your web browser.
  • Remove Tool update—Remove large objects by selecting them without having to brush over the entire object.

Adobe Illustrator

  • Text to Vector Graphic (beta)—Generate vector graphics from text prompts.
  • Generative Recolor—Apply new color palettes based on text prompts.
  • Retype (beta)—Edit fonts fast in any type of image.
  • Mockup (beta)—Make realistic mockups in a single click.
  • Share for Review—Get notifications when new comments are made to get feedback faster.

Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Text-Based Editing—Cut and paste text to edit video content.
  • 5x faster timeline—Be more productive with timeline performance that’s 5x faster.
  • Workflow enhancements—Get new project templates.
  • Auto Color—Correct colors fast with help from Al.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

  • Lens Blur—Create a portrait effect in any photo.
  • HDR optimization—Work with HDR from edit to export.
  • Point Color—Make targeted color adjustments with great precision.
  • Denoise—Remove gritty, grainy textures from photos.
  • Curves in masking—Adjust tonality and contrast in selected areas.
  • Adaptive presets—Make AI-powered edits in seconds.

Adobe InDesign

  • Hide spreads—Hide selected spreads from export options.
  • Filename suffix—Add dynamic characters as filename suffixes.
  • Publish online enhancements—Integrate customizable analytics.

Adobe After Effects

  • 3D model import—Natively import 3D models (GLB/GLTF, OBJ) with materials directly into After Effects.
  • Advanced 3D renderer—Render 3D motion graphics.
  • Image-based lighting—Use any image as a light source.
  • Enhanced Roto Brush—Extract objects from footage faster and more accurately with a new AI model that requires fewer corrections.

Adobe Express

  • Text to Image—Generate images from a detailed text description.
  • Generative Fill—Add or remove content with a text prompt
  • Text effects—Apply styles or textures to text with a text prompt.
  • Linked assets—Bring in PSD and AI files that always stay up to date.
  • Brand kits—Apply your fonts, colors, and logos to any piece of content.

Adobe Stock

  • Video templates—Prebuilt and professionally designed layouts make it simple for you to produce high-impact videos.
  • Text to Image—Generate images from a detailed text description.
  • Expand Image—Expand images to fit the aspect ratio or size.

Adobe Photoshop on iPad

  • Remove tool—AI-powered tool to remove an unwanted object.
  • Color picker and swatches—Create many color combinations and variants.
  • Lightroom import—Bring in your Lightroom photos and transform them with advanced edits.
  • Generative layer variations—View generative layer variations for images in the Properties panel.