See what you can do with Acrobat Sign.

Acrobat Sign gives you simple e-signature tools to get documents signed faster, more advanced features like form templates and bulk sending, and enterprise-grade capabilities.

Standard e-signature tools to help keep your business moving.


Electronic signatures

Upload a document that needs to be signed, add the signer’s email address, and click send. That’s all there is to it.


Tracking and management

 Acrobat Sign puts you in control. With real-time notifications and reminders, it’s a breeze to track and manage every document you send for signature.


Mobile power

Send, track, and manage the entire signing process on the go, from your mobile device. You can even scan paper documents with your device’s camera.



Microsoft 365 integration

Sign documents, send documents to others for signature, and track the entire process—all from within your Microsoft 365 applications.


Automatic record keeping

Acrobat Sign automatically and securely stores final signed documents and audit trails of every transaction—making it easy to quickly find what you need while reducing risk.



E-signature tools to help your business grow   


Agreement templates

Add PDFs and documents as reusable templates so your business can quickly collect signatures without starting from scratch every time.

Self-serve web forms

Post PDFs and documents to your website as online forms that your customers, employees, or anyone else can instantly fill, sign, and submit.

Mega sign for bulk sending

When you need to send one agreement to multiple people to sign, use mega sign to send a personalized form to every signer—with a single click.


Branded experiences

Your company’s brand is everything. Acrobat Sign reflects your brand on all forms and documents for greater consistency, professionalism, and impact.



Online payments

With Acrobat Sign, it’s never been easier to collect signatures and payments from customers—all in a single transaction.


Enterprise-grade capabilities


Global and industry compliance

Simplify compliance and keep business moving—at home or abroad—with fast, secure e-signatures designed to meet the most demanding laws and industry-specific regulations.


Signer identity authentication

Verify signer identity through knowledge-based authentication, phone authentication, and other methods. You can add required authentication to high-value documents for increased peace of mind.


Integration with any app

Acrobat Sign for enterprise includes extensive APIs to easily add e-signature capabilities to the apps you and your customers already rely on.


Error-proof workflow

Design business processes that everyone can follow, every time with Acrobat Sign for enterprise. Just drag and drop to create workflow templates that reduce mistakes and streamline the signing process.