Adobe Creative Cloud sales guide


Successfully closing a deal means being very clear on what you customer needs to do, to commit. Lead them through the steps to make the purchase or add seats. If you are not able to close on your desired outcome, make sure you are moving the account forward with clear next steps like setting up a demo call or helping them try a new feature or install the trial version.

Once you've put together your sales pitch, it's time to close the deal. This is the time to answer any additional questions and respond to objections. 

Objections, concerns, and hesitations are a natural part of the decision-making process. They are not necessarily an indication that the client does not want to do business with you. The way you handle them will determine your success.

Review these responses to common objections to address any last concerns and secure a commitment to purchase.

When all your hard work comes to fruition and it's time to sign the contract, be sure to confirm the terms and conditions with the customer. Then set them up for success with the helpful onboarding resources in the Renew section.

Handling objections






“We aren’t ready to move to Creative Cloud at this time.”

Digital tools help your creative teams be more productive and efficient while creating a positive business impact. Get started today with a few memberships. You’ll establish an Adobe VIP program contract, and you can deploy additional seats quickly, if budget owners request them.




“Renting software will be more expensive over time.”

Perpetual licenses have a fixed value over time, whereas a Creative Cloud membership delivers increasing value over time, especially as your organization grows.

Also to be considered is the opportunity cost of not having access to the latest Adobe technology.




“We have a locked-down IT environment, and Creative Cloud doesn’t meet our requirements.”

While there may be some limitations to broad deployment in larger managed environments:

  • You don’t need to switch all your creative software licenses right away.
  • You retain the rights to existing licenses even when you purchase Creative Cloud.
  • We recommend that you prepare by purchasing, evaluating, and testing a smaller deployment. This will establish membership in the Adobe VIP program and allow you to deploy additional seats quickly if budget owners request them.




“We can’t allow administrative rights for users to install their own applications.”

You can deploy apps and updates centrally using the Creative Cloud Packager.