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Prepare to engage

1. Validate customer/prospect status.

Understanding your customer’s situation, projects, stakeholders, and industry challenges is important to address IT needs, workflows, cloud service adoption, and the Creative Cloud narrative.

  • Do your research on the organization, individual, and account before you make a sales call.
  • Identify your customer's goals.
  • Understand your customer's footprint.
  • Understand your customer's business environment.
  • Identify decision-makers and influencers in the organization

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2. Understand IT concerns.

It's important to understand overarching concerns of IT professionals, and how Creative Cloud addresses those concerns, regardless of industry, because IT often makes software purchasing decisions.

3. Understand the key concerns in specific personas.

It's also important to understand the role of the customers you are speaking to, so you can make the right recommendation and communicate the value propositions of Creative Cloud in the context of their job role and the team they may support. This guide offers detailed information about seven target personas to help you understand the most common types of Creative Cloud customers:

  • IT manager
  • Creative leader
  • Graphic designer
  • Business communicator
  • UX/UI designer
  • Video producer
  • Government

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4. Download the SMB priority sales plays.

Successful selling is about making the right sales motions at the right time. Get the lastest SMB priority sales plays based on your sales role—call center, field, or reseller. 

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