May 11, 2021

New campaign kit: ROI benefits of migrating to Acrobat DC

Forrester Consulting recently found that Adobe Acrobat DC can deliver a 303% return on investment over three years by saving organizations time on employee and IT tasks and reducing material costs for things like paper and postage. This provides a great opportunity to help your customers understand how Acrobat DC helps organizations increase productivity, empower collaboration from anywhere, accelerate customer transactions, and reduce IT overhead and costs.

This easy-to-use kit provides the resources you need to communicate the time and cost savings Acrobat DC delivers, including:

  • Marketing assets to raise awareness about the ROI Acrobat DC delivers, including channel copy, email templates, web banners, and social media content.
  • Forrester Consulting’s “Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Migrating to Adobe Acrobat DC” spotlight, which summarizes the ROI benefits for SMB, along with the full Forrester report, “The Total Economic Impact of Adobe Document Cloud.”
  • Collateral to help customers who are considering migrating to Acrobat DC, including a solution brief, security white paper, and product comparison chart.
  • A conversation guide that provides four steps to get the most out of your calls to business customers and email copy to follow up afterward.
  • Migration guides and checklists for both teams and enterprise customers to help them easily transition from serialized licensing to subscription licensing through Adobe’s Value Incentive Plan (VIP) buying program.

The kit is now available in English. Localized versions will be available soon.

Download the kit today > (sign-in required)