February 4, 2021

CC for enterprise Pro in VIP: The platform for creativity now has unlimited downloads of Adobe Stock assets

With a Pro Edition of Creative Cloud for enterprise, customers get the tools they need to create content at scale—all in one platform that includes learning tools and 24/7 customer support.

As a refresher, CC for enterprise Pro grants users the following access:

  • Uninterrupted access to their existing Creative Cloud app(s)
  • Unlimited downloads of over 200 million Adobe Stock standard assets
  • Integrated workflows and advanced search functionality
  • World-class enterprise support and enterprise-specific features
  • Extended licenses on Adobe Stock assets for greater flexibility

Please keep in mind that customers:

  • Must be willing to migrate all of their Creative Cloud seats to CC for enterprise Pro (Acrobat DC does not count)
  • Must have and maintain at least 5 Creative Cloud seats
  • Can upgrade either Creative Cloud Single App licenses, such as Photoshop, and/or their Creative Cloud All Apps licenses.

This is only available through our sales channels and is a great upsell opportunity.

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